Ambreen Vikhar

Of Kashmiri origin, raised in the famous hill station of South India, Ooty – Ambreen has always had a creative inclination unique from other, rich in culture and art. Elected as a cultural co-ordinator at school, she was known for efficient event management and took keen participation in creative activities. Having had the opportunity to work as a model at a very young age alongside Anoushka Sharma and Neetu Chandra in TV commercials for Cadbury and Cello Grip, she got an insight to media and developed love for the camera. She moved to Bangalore, where she pursued her Bachelors degree in commerce with a specialization in Human Resource management, aptly matching her personality. As part of a college-life she did part-time job with an energy drink called Effect which helped her gain perspective in accounts management, advertising and people management. She also interned and worked at leading companies like IBM and GoldmanSacs. She dreamed of becoming an MBA graduate..Read More

But destiny turned for the better when she stumbled upon make-up in her trousseau. And sure enough, this transpired a new dream! She became a certified makeup and hair stylised from the renowned makeup artist – Dominic Cruiz, who was a key makeup artist for the Miss Universe pageants. This provided the platform to hone her skills Her world to follow included copious portfolio shoots, TV commercials, editorial shoots, concept shoots, celebrity makeup, prints, advertisements for companies like Fast Track, Cafe Coffee Day, Mulya jewellers, Style Her world, now even more exciting and challenging with the birth of her second daughter, continued in steady progression towards the professional quality she strove to proffer. Client testimonials are indeed supportive of this quality service. Known for creating the natural and flawless face, Ambreen Vikhar is now a renowned makeup artist and the founder of Ambreen Vikhar Makeup since 2011. Celebrities she has worked with include Saina Newal, MC Mary kom, Anoushka Sharma, Neetu Chandra, Jackie and Avantika Mishra and some of the top models in the industry. Concepts shoots like ‘Avani’ with the famous photographer Arjun Kamath which have gone viral on social media are a few projects she has had the opportunity to be a part of. Not only doing beauty shoots but also special effects is something that she has excelled in. News channels like TV9 and news 9 broadcasted her work wherein Ambreen reached out to women on how to enhance and embrace their natural beauty with easy steps, product reviews and tutorials. With the knowledge and experience that she has gained she is now sharing it by taking personal and self-grooming classes as well. Ambreen Vikhar is known for her precision in detail and perfection. Her skills continue to ameliorate with the feedback she receives. She has been viewed internationally with a lot of clients coming in from the USA, Canada and Europe. She continues to influence women everywhere to enhance their confidence through natural beauty. This passion has reflected beautifully through her work. She hopes to introduce and collaborate her own brand of products in the future. Ambreen Vikhar is ever grateful to the support, encouragement and appreciation she receives from her family, friends, colleagues and clients. She hopes to continue receiving the same in order to build herself day by day.